My Manosphere Beef

I’m a smart guy. I have six years of college education. And like many of my manosphere comrades, I have read a lot of philosophy. Nietzsche, Heidegger, Wittgenstein, and many others. Don’t discount this: when a person reads philosophy during their formative years, it causes them to think about things much more critically. When everyone else is falling in line, a philosophy reader can consider things from many different viewpoints. I know without asking that plenty in the manosphere community know exactly what I’m getting at (I’ve seen the name Schopenhauer slapped on enough things to know).

That being said, after reading tons of manosphere doctrine in the past year, my one biggest beef is the over-simplification and over-generalization of female attraction. It is correct to make generalizations about the dating wilderness. By all means, redpill thought is the best medium to use in getting laid. However, within existing social circles, redpill ideas are often unneccessary. For example, I saw some data the other day that showed meeting-through-friends is still the number one way to get laid. So for every game-oriented man getting laid using that means, there are twice that amount (or more) that are simply gaining notches through friends of friends. Game is completely unnecessary in the latter case. Now, if you are like me, once getting into your mid to late twenties, it is much more likely that your social circle will shrink significantly. People relocate. Or sometimes they enter serious LTRs and sell their souls that way.

For example, I have never had to neg or obsessively escalate a girl that was already in my “tribe”. If she’s already in your social circle, that is one of the best forms of pre-screening. It’s only when you are an outsider that you need to employ game techniques.

I have mixed feelings about this. On the one hand, it highlights the extreme herd instinct of women. (Literally.) They have an animalistic instinct in the same way that a school of fish or a group of sheep would. The so-called “hive mind”. On the other hand (and this is where my beef comes in), social circle expansion should be taught more often in the manosphere self-improvement camps. Even in today’s socially skeptical and frigid climate.


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