20 Things Wrong With North American Women

I have to admit this list was inspired by Roosh V at http://www.rooshv.com and http://www.returnofkings.com

American, Canadian, and some European Women:

1. They talk like truck drivers
2. They act like men
3. Instead of trying to lose weight, they try to define fat as sexy
4. Almost everything is “weird” or “creepy” to them
5. Very few of them bother to learn how to cook
6. They see nothing insane about having 500+ sexual partners
7. They rarely, if ever, wear high heels
8. They are never held responsible for anything, always a way out of things
9. They are slobs
10. They can watch Netflix for 40 days and nights straight
11. They probably cannot name more than 10 american states
12. They probably cannot point out much more than their home state on a map (if that)
13. They elect politicians based on haircuts and tie colors
14. They are sweaty balls of lard
15. They are entertained by their phones in the same way a retarded child is entertained by the same toy for years on end
16. They are addicted to attention
17. They will never admit when they are wrong
18. They eat frosting out of the package at 10 pm at night (usually with their bare hands)
19. They idolize Kim Kardashian. Enough said.
20. They like stupid music


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