To a girl, what makes something “weird”?

I am not a linguist, but I’m willing to bet that female usage of the word “weird” far surpasses that of men. At its core, the word implies that something has not gone as expected. Something has strayed from the script. Throughout human history, it is a woman’s script that daily life adheres to. I don’t think the wife being in charge of all household spending, for example, is a new phenomenon. It’s the same concept, only with a new application.

In the manosphere much has been written about the word “creepy”. These words are similar, but different in the sense that “creepy” implies (in the oft-innaccurate female mind) a more immediate threat. Whereas a weirdo signifies a bumbling, but probably harmless person, a “creep” means to them someone that has active intentions.

The purpose of these words is to shame someone (usually beta males) into submission. Obviously nature made women less powerful, so they have to use non-physical manipulation tactics. Throw this atop the heap of other ways women manipulate men, including but certainly not limited to the see-through yoga pants+thong combination.

But what specifically? If your compliments are not said in exactly the correct tone of voice. If you approach her but she does not like you. If you are too nice. If you are wearing something not from American Eagle (or whichever poor man’s designer clothing line is popular today).

Much has been made of the idea that women see more colors in the color spectrum than men, but most often it seems like they only see things in black and white. Their minds are far, far less flexible than men.


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