We Are Embedded In The World

I don’t remember which one it was, but there is a video where Roosh says that the view outside of his bedroom helps him write. I think his words were that it inspires him. His voice seemed like he was half kidding, and half serious. I’m going to give credibility to the serious part. We in the west tend to overestimate the extent to which we are separate from the person next to us, from the neighborhood we live in, and even from the device that you are reading this on. If you’ve ever been high (even on weed), walking from the gloomy room with one small window, over to the well-lit room with large windows produces a change in “vibe”. This is evidence that our environment influences us.

How can we use this? Much like my previous post on music, the elements of the world that enter your senses have real effects. If you 1) clean up your filthy work area/car/whatever, and 2) take more time to appreciate the environment around you, you will be more motivated in life. So, if you are ever unhappy with your circumstances, pay more care and attention to your surroundings.

Don’t look at the mountains – see them.


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